Vinyl Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is vinyl made of?

  • Is vinyl recycled plastic?

  • How strong is vinyl?

  • Will vinyl break in cold/hot weather?

  • Why can't I get vinyl fence, deck or railing in dark colors?

  • Does it chalk?

  • Is vinyl safe for children and animals?

  • Will vinyl turn yellow?

  • Will vinyl burn?

  • Will a weed eater scratch or hurt a vinyl fence?

  • What is the warranty and what does it cover?

  • How do I clean vinyl?

  • Can I paint it?

  • Will my CertainTeed vinyl deck fade? Is one color less likely to fade than the other colors?

  • Can I butt the vinyl deck planks together for a 50' run?

  • How do you install CertainTeed vinyl products?

  • Why is vinyl fence more expensive than a wood fence?

  • What is the best way to install a railing in a wall to wall situation?

  • Is it possible to use the wall mount bracket without plate?

  • Will uplift be an issue with the Colonial Porch Post?

  • How do I install vinyl railing between existing wood posts?

  • Can I install vinyl fencing on a concrete surface?

  • Can the vinyl railing be used on a second story?

  • What can I use on my CertainTeed deck to melt ice?

  • How do I install vinyl railing at a 45 degree angle?

  • How do I order or get help on Vinyl Fencing?

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